Sunday, April 3, 2011

Home(made) for the Holidays + Give away

Upon seeing the title to this post, I imagine you are thinking, “Holiday…?  Uh…  Easter, maybe?.”  Well, read on.  This post has been in the making for over six months now, so I am very, very, very excited to finally present it to the masses! 

Before I get ahead of myself, let’s start at the beginning.  This entire craft was made possible by my great grandma.  She passed away several years ago, and my great grandpa contacted my mom in September to see if she wanted great grandma’s sewing machine.  Which, of course, she didn’t, because she already has one (and a fairly new and fancy one at that).  But my mom, being the lovely human that she is, told great grandpa that I would want it.  Thus began my love affair with sewing.  

It is a Singer from 1985.  It had to go to the sewing machine doctor, because it’s plastic gears deteriorated into small, itty bitty pieces.  And it certainly spent a lot of time at the doctor, but that was ok because during that time my mom pretty much taught me everything any beginner sewer needs to know about sewing machines.  Our first project was an apron from Simplicity 2492 pattern (which you could buy online, or at Hobby Lobby or other fabric stores, I imagine).  It was great.  And it inspired me to take on a time consuming, challenging endeavor.  Make an apron for 12 of my closest and greatest friends in the world for Christmas gifts.  And I came to this conclusion around early November so I didn’t leave a whole lot of time for myself.

At first, I considered picking all of the colors and patterns for my friends.  But then I decided that maybe they would want to have some kind of say of their aprons, so I sent out a slightly enigmatic text to all of them asking them to pick a color.  I then picked fabrics based on their color request.  

I took some pictures of the “during” process, but unfortunately my hard drive died between then and now, so I no longer have those photos.  But oh well.  To make up for my lack of photos, I asked all of my friends to send a picture of themselves wearing the apron, so I could compile them all here.  Below, you will find most of the aprons, with their color request (haven’t received photos from all of the ladies yet, so that’s why all 12 aren’t accounted for!). 
Burnt Orange.
Gold or Cream.
Blue or Green.

I genuinely enjoyed making and giving these so much that I decided to make this The Golden Mean’s very first give-away post!  So if you are interested, please leave your email address, plus a color or two.  I’m not asking for followers, or for other random things, you don’t have to profess your love for me all over facebook or shamelessly advertise this all over your own blog.  Just a simple comment with your email address and colors (if you like something about a specific apron above you can leave that info too so I can try to make an apron that a perfect stranger might enjoy).  I will do a random selection later and if you win, I will notify you via email address.  The only thing I ask is to be understanding in regards to time to find suitable fabric, make the apron and to mail it out!!  

Disclaimer: I am in no way, shape or form claiming to have any ownership of the Simplicity pattern.  I simply used it and would recommend it to anyone else who is looking for a beginner or project or great gift!!

I’m going to keep this open for a few days, notify the winner, and post a new blog post about it in two weeks.  So, let’s say all entries must be submitted by Friday, April 22, 2011. Good luck :) And if you find yourself in need of some great inspiration, please check out all of these wonderful places.  They are incredible and constantly filled with incredible people, things and ideas.


  1. These are so precious! I wish I could sew. I bought a sewing machine on Black Friday last November and I took it out of the box but haven't plugged it in. I know, I know.

    My mom says she'll teach me this summer but I'm really tempted to read the manual and just jump in.......though that could be a HUGE disaster.

    Anyway, just popped over to thank you for visiting my blog and for your compliment. What an excellent giveaway!!

    Talk to you later!


  2. I love the burnt orange one! They are all so cute! Thanks for linking up to my party on monday, hope you will join again this week.

  3. I love orange! All of your friends are so lucky! Your aprons are mcgorgeous!

  4. I am in love with aprons! My signature color is dark purple. Your aprons are all so beautiful! Thanks for having this giveaway!


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