Sunday, April 17, 2011

Easter Egg Mosaics

A challenge was scheduled for this week, buuuut I have an Easter craft I wanted to post, so the challenge will be postponed until next week.  Anyway, this craft is very simple and requires minimal materials, so I think you will find it easy to do with your own children (or students…or nieces, nephews, etc).
I teach in a Pre-K classroom at a Catholic school, and this week we were teaching a unit on the 5 senses.  So, we wanted all of our activities (including art) to incorporate the five senses.  Also, because we are swiftly approaching Easter, we wanted to add in an Easter component.

So, if you take the traditional route to celebrating Easter, you might dye eggs and have an egg hunt.  Well, what to do with all of those eggs after you have found them?  Crush them up into little tiny pieces and make tile mosaic art out of them (duh).  

We are having our Easter egg hunt next week, so we had all the kids paint the eggs in Easter friendly colors.


Then, crush up the egg shells into little pieces (have the kids do it if age appropriate). 


Then, we divided the eggs into cups for each student.  (Preventing any unnecessary, “He got more than me!” fights)


Brush a thin layer of Elmer’s glue onto a piece of paper (we used a thicker cardstock).  


And press the pieces of eggshell onto the glue.  We used this as a teachable moment to talk about the sense of touch and how the eggshells feel and how sometimes you have to break them so they will be flat against the glue.  The kids did much better with this than I actually anticipated, and it’s a wonderful opportunity to develop fine gross motor skills.


And here are the final products drying.  When I get back to school on Monday, I will use the rectangles to make a cross on our class bulletin board.  This will be a nice bridge between Easter traditions (egg dying) and the true importance of Easter for believers. 

Love this activity because it’s (1) great way to recycle dyed eggshells instead of throwing them away (2) easily integrated with other ideas and concepts and (3) the kids really enjoyed it.  Happy (early) Easter!  Hope it’s family filled and beautiful.


  1. What a great idea! I am so doing this with my son. Thanks for linking up to my monday sharing party.


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