About Us

The Golden Means really started out as a tentative online friendship in 2003 between two girls who lived hundreds of miles (or kilometres) apart. Both were promising writers on a writing site for amateur authors when Katelyn read a story of Maggie's. Katelyn, awed by the creative and engaging storylines contacted Maggie by MSN, not really expecting an answer or acknowledgement. Instead, what transpired was a quality friendship conducted entirely over MSN, e-mails, letters and mixed CDs.

By 2008, Maggie and Katelyn had lost touch almost completely. The two women began to branch out their lives and experiences separately. Unbeknownst to each other, they remained tied by their growing interest in crafts of creativity, practicality and beauty. In late 2010, Katelyn created a new Facebook account so that she could get back in touch with old friends, Maggie being one of them.

As Katelyn posted pictures of crafts and baked goods that she was proud of, Maggie took notice and eventually approached Katelyn to start their own craft blog, to include all dimensions of creation, including baking, repurposing and gifting, among others. Katelyn's answer was an immediate, vehement, YES.

The Golden Means is a reference to the Golden Ratio, a phrase which carries many connotations. The Golden Ratio has ancient roots and is also known as 1 : 1.618... a ratio found in many instances of nature, design, music. The Golden Mean is also a philosophical concept exploring the perfect harmony between excess and deficiency.

This blog contains reflections of our personality in the form of beauty, comfort and creativity with a purpose. Our core is about the balance that guides us to craft wonderful things without compromising their utility. Not only that, but we also want to share our budding knowledge and creativity with each other, maintaining balance between work and play, time and energy, form and function.

These are the things that we adore. These are the Golden Means.
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