Sunday, March 6, 2011

Challenge 6: You’re just a letter away.

This week, we are excited to present to you, challenge SIX!!  So exciting.  One of the reasons we started this blog is challenge ourselves creatively and collaboratively.  It was my (Maggie) turn to pick the topic of this challenge, and I decided we should each make a card.  The point was to either make this a printable card that others could use, or to provide the steps to recreate a card.  The challenge was fairly open ended as the card could be for any purpose (birthday, sympathy, just for fun, etc…).  Which brings us to…
Cheerful “I’m here for you” card.
Call me old fashioned, but I think a snail mail card trumps an email any day.  I absolutely love receiving mail and I absolutely love sending mail.  For 2011, I told myself I would send at least one handmade card a month to a friend or family member.  One of my greatest friends endured a very difficult February and I wanted to send them a card to show them I was there for her if she needed anything, without being too depressing.  (Sometimes sympathy cards are just too sad.  I hope this is card sends a balanced message of: I’m here for you/sympathy/thinking of you). 
So here it is!
The brainstorm:
The cover:
The inside:
The card (printable):
(The link above will give you access to the card as a PDF file)
(Or you can right click the above picture of the card to save a copy to your desktop to print)
name tag

My card isn't really all that crafty. And perhaps not all that artsy. But Maggie's card challenge idea came at a time when I made a glorious nostalgic rediscovery of a childhood art utensil.

Are you ready for it?

And then I thought... Well I have to use it. I must. I really must.

I started playing around with it last night, but I found that Spirograph art requires a steady hand. And quite a bit less sparkling wine. 

The images looked like a kaleidoscope...

Or diatoms, gorgeous little jewel-like creatures in the oceans.

This morning, I experimented with shapes and after 5 wasted pieces of paper, came up with this for my card:
And had a lot of fun coloring!
Okay so maybe I'm not a spirograph expert... yet. And so maybe this was sort of lame, but I found it fun and made me happy to have grown up in the 90's!

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  1. Love both of these. I totally had spirography and the giraffes are adorable, as is the sentiment. :) Great job girls.


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