Saturday, March 9, 2013

diy wedding photo booth props


I know photo booths at weddings are no longer a big surprise or something “different”…everyone has them.  In fact, we attended three weddings last year, and each wedding had some variation of a photo booth.  But I really wanted one-I love them.  They catch candid funny photos of guests that a photographer simply does not have time to catch (and there’s something about the concealed photo booth that brings out the crazy in people).  As I mentioned in my last post, I am cheap frugal. And after doing lots of pricing, I realized I could not justify paying full price for photo booth services.  But about a year before the wedding, we found a Groupon for half off photo booth services.  One of our best purchases, we booked the photo booth for half price.

I was lucky that this photo booth company are great.  I wanted to customize everything, and they were all for it.  I asked if I could make a backdrop, they said of course!  I wanted to make my own props, they were all for it!  Come the actual day of the wedding, when our allotted time was up and there was still a line of family and friends who wanted to take some photos—he kindly obliged and stayed past the time.  If you’re in the Denver metro area, I would HIGHLY recommend them  (Visit their Facebook page here, see our album here).

I made our backdrop by dying coffee filters.  I folded them into fourths and cut out hearts.  I made various patterns and attached them to hangers.  Which I never really thought about—because you can see the hangers in some of the photos, but oh well.  If I would have thought about it, I would have painted them black to match the backdrop.  But it was my first time making a backdrop for a photo booth, so let’s hope someone else can learn from my mistake :)  I liked the variety and now actually have them hanging up in my Kindergarten classroom, which the kids love.


I wanted fun props.  Are you, too, a little over the mustaches, glasses, gigantic neon colored sunglasses, and feather boa wedding props?  Wanting something different?  Something that represents you and your husband a little better?  Me too. We decided on a few of our favorite things… Superheroes (Hubster is a big nerd), Top Gun and Blues Brothers (iconic movies from the decade we were born), and Bride & Groom.  We also picked these themes because they were easy to shop for.   We had these posters displayed by the props at the props table…

photobooth printoutsintro

photobooth printouts2

We made a fake bouquet of flowers, bought a cheap-o veil from Hobby Lobby for the bride and made a (really funny) beard for the groom.

photobooth printouts1

Enter a talented friend. We made the props on poster board with paint, sharpies and utility knives…

IMG_0489photobooth printouts

For the Blues Brothers we bought knock off Raybans and Fedoras and Walmart and made the quote “I’m on a mission from God”.  For Top Gun we found knock off aviators at Walmart and I borrowed leather jackets from friends with the quotes “I feel the need…the need for speed!”


We arranged the items in boxes to be displayed at the wedding. They did not stay organized for very long, but that didn’t matter.



And here are some of the gems from the night…


















As you can tell…Austin had a lot of fun at the Tequila bar.  More on that later.

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  1. I loved these DIY wedding photo booth props! Thanks a lot for these wonderful ideas. I am going to get married at one of iconic local wedding venues and thinking to have these DIY photo booth for our wedding as well as reception.

  2. LOvely DIY ideas. We will try and incorporate these for events here at our BAnquet halls every week. Thanks a lot


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