Thursday, February 16, 2012

When I'm not studying the corpora quadrigemina...

Okay. It's been a while. I've learned the hard way that anything to do with grad school sucks up any and all of your time. Every moment spent not studying or working on some sort of assignment makes you feel guilty. Really guilty. And I'm not even in grad school yet. (Maggie, how did you do it?!)

These past few months, I have been applying to different schools (a full time job in and of itself!) and taking some intense courses to fill requirements (like neuroanatomy!). Which means that things that bring me simple joys (crafting, cooking, reading, exercising, etc.) have fallen by the wayside. Because, let's face it- stuff like that doesn't get one into grad school, or get a job, or anything that gives the illusion of 'adult productivity'. And that makes me grouchy. And stressed out. And... maybe I've gained a little weight. Well.

It's high time that changed.

I do have a couple projects sort of on the way. I've joined ravelry, as I now know how to crochet (thanks Lindsay!). I have also joined Pinterest, a wonder of wonders for inspiration. I joined a knitting/crochet club. And I'm determined to get myself out of this rut and feel as good as I used to before this stressed kicked in.

Don't get me wrong, though the applications are completed, I'm still biting my nails down to the bones waiting on an answer. And those courses are still ongoing and are tough as ever.

Oh life.


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