Thursday, May 19, 2011

If evolution really works, how come mothers only have two hands?

First of all, if you didn’t check out Katelyn’s mother’s day lanterns, you HAVE TO.  They turned out incredible and I can’t wait for next year because I am definitely stealing the idea for my own mom.  

Although mother’s day has come and gone, I still wanted to share the mother’s day crafts I used in my classroom for all of my student’s mothers.  It was a big hit, and all of the kids were really excited to present their presents to their fantastic mom’s.  

As I have mentioned before, I am a Pre-K teacher to 21 crazy students.  They are wonderful, hysterical, out of their minds, and entirely loveable.  They all have these incredible mothers and we wanted to put something special together to honor all of their hard work.  So!

First, we compiled a cookbook.  Each child dictated their best guess for the recipe of their favorite food that their mom makes.  One of my favorites was:
Mashed Potatoes
You have all kinds of potatoes. We have to cook them. Put them into a stove. You only need on potato. My mom will pick a potato with lumps. It is in the oven for 21 minutes. The oven is really hot. My mom uses clipper thingies to get the potato out. Then get a spoon and just mash it! Put a surprise inside-it might be tasty! Then mix it. Then eat it. Then go play outside.
I assembled the cookbooks with their recipes and a picture of each child next to their recipe.  And stapled them into little books.  Each student decorated the front cover.  

Then, we created flowers (because what mother doesn’t love flowers?).  We made tissue paper flowers, which are really simple.  Just cut tissue paper into squares, poke a pipe cleaner through the tissues and staple or glue in place.  

We also made hand-print lilies.  Trace the kid’s hand, have them cut it out.  


Wrap the hand print around a pencil and hold in place to curl the hand print. 


Cut out a leaves for the stem.  You can paint the stem (a straw) green, but honestly we ran out of time!


Wrap the flower around the stem, staple the hand print, leaves and straw all together.


Ta-da, hand print lilies!


Any mom would appreciate a bouquet of these gems any day of the year.  =)

We also bought these cute mugs from Michael’s where you can take the paper insert out and decorate it.  We helped the kids make fingerprint bugs to help decorate their mother’s day mugs.

And finally we assembled everything into a Mother’s Day Bag.


Hope everyone enjoyed their Mother’s Day!!


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