Sunday, February 13, 2011

Challenge 5: Pretty in Pink

This challenge came to us Valentine-themed. How so? To create something PINK! Fairly open ended, right? I thought so too.

Katelyn: Valentine's Day and I have a contentious relationship. Sometimes I hate it, sometimes I love it... it really depends on my relationship status. And keeping that in mind, I thought I would create something fun that was not dependent whether I was attached or single. There is no logical reason a day like V-Day should be considered the worst day of the year. I'm sure there's much worse. So... without further ado.. GLITTER FLATS
The Steve Maddens that Farah bought. Gorgeous... but pricey!

My friend Farah and I decided to each make our own pair, emulating the ones we spotted here. Farah paid a boatload of money for a pair of Steve Maddens and we thought, hey. Let's try this.

Farah is a little camera shy so I don't have pictures of her. But it's all about the shoes anyway.

 We started out with Mod Podge, glitter in a few colors (blue/silver/white for her, pink and red for my challenge), varnish, painter's tape (not shown) sponge brushes, yogurt containers and a metallic paint pen to cover up the weird scale pattern on the shoes. The shoes were bought were cheap 2 pairs for $15. Mine have a fabric bow at the toe which I snapped off. I would never wear a scale pattern outside, so I was pretty adamant that the glitter do a good job.
We went outside, as I was unsure how messy this project would be. I was actually quite happy that there was very little mess! But if you do end up doing inside, make sure you have paper towels and some sort of covering underneath.

We taped up the soles with painters tape underneath. Farah then used the pain pen to cover up some of the scale pattern on her flats but it turns out we didn't even need it

 The first layer is Mod Podge and a bit of glitter. Don't worry about coverage... it actually looks really gross at first. AND BE PATIENT. Wait for everything to dry COMPLETELY before putting on the next coat. Put THIN coats. Or else your flats will crack horribly and it will look terrible. That is what happened to my flats. But I will continue...
You can see the painter's tape. This is still the first layer.
This is the second layer. I know... it looks even grosser. I stress, put thin layers, NOT LIKE I DID HERE. I also think that fabric glue could be used... but I don't know for sure. Also, WAIT FOR THE LAYERS TO DRY COMPLETELY!!!!

 Layer 3-4, and looking pretty good. Not quite dry... but getting there!

Below: Our shoes drying in the sun.... Don't they look amazing? Especially Farah's flats???

Don't be fooled by the sun. It was freezing outside!
Farah's finished flats
My finished flats.. which did end up cracking... so be careful! But they look so gorgeous...

So what do you think? We made these flats for under $20 a pair. Compare that to the $90 flats in retail! Craaazy... Regardless, Happy Valentine's Day!

Well, hellooooo, loves.  When Katelyn decided on a “pink valentines” challenge, I immediately had direction.  You see, I bought these pillows last Black Friday, and since then, they have added a little extra comfort to my apartment.  

 Unfortunately, they’re kind of plain, and they have these annoying, long tags.  Lately, I have seen lots of amazing pillow designs, and I decided I wanted to make multiple pillow covers that I can change with the seasons.  So!  Here is my first design: LOVE.  (And what’s more Valentines-y than love?)
This adventure all started at Hobby Lobby, where I spent a ridiculous amount of time searching for the “perfect” fabric…(I usually do.  I am extremely indecisive.  The Hobby Lobby employees used to constantly ask me if I need help.  Now they know to just let me wander around until I make up my mind).  Extra bonus—the “love birds” print was 50% off, and the plain pink was 30%, so I was pretty happy to be crafty on a budget.  I bought 2 yds of the “love birds” and 1 yd of the pink paisley.  

My pillows are 18”x18” so I started by cutting out eight 19”x19” squares of the “love birds” fabric.  (I decided to make life easy for myself and use 1/2” seam allowances—this made the math and measuring much simpler…)  

For the backs of the pillows, I cut the 19”x19” squares into 6”x19” and 13”x19” rectangles.  And for the pink paisley letters, I decided to center them on the pillow cases.  To do so, I cut out four 10”x10” squares, and cut the letters out.  I also allowed for a ½” hem.  If anyone is interested, I would be more than happy to send out my pattern.  It would only be very useful to people interested in making 18”x18” pillow cases, and the pattern is written in hand on graph paper…But again, I’d be more than happy to send it out, just leave your email address!!

I hemmed all of my letters and pinned them onto the front of the pillow case cover, and set them aside to sew later.

Made a few strips of bias tape, and pinned it onto one of the 19” sides of the 13”x19” squares.  Pinned one of the 19” sides of the 6”x19” squares to be hemmed later.  

Then off to the sewing machine!  Started by sewing the letters on, then sewed the hem and then the bias tape.  

Finally, placed the letter side UP, then placed the bias taped rectangle pattern side DOWN and pinned it in place.  Then placed the hemmed rectangle pattern side DOWN and pinned it as well.   

Sewed everything together, flipped the pillow case inside out, stuffed my pillows inside and ta-da!!  Done!   

(Let's ignore the fact that I have a futon...I am a poor, grad student, and it was free)
For fun, you can make your loved one pose for silly pictures, but they WILL retaliate by attacking your face.  Consider yourself warned.   

(Some places for inspiration!)
Happy Valentines day, from The Golden Means!


  1. LOL! The Hobby Lobby ladies ignore me too until I ring the bell, LOL! Love the final photos, and the fabric you used. Free futons are one of God's greatest inventions. I dream of 'buying' furniture, but until then freebies are awesome!


    such a great idea!! hehe :)

  3. What a great idea and I love the fabric. The shoes are a scream. Love them. Thanks so much for joining TTT. Hugs, Marty

  4. Your flats came out great. Looking good. I also liked your LOVE pillows too. Cute post.

  5. Cute!! Gotta love glitter shoes!!
    You should come link this up to my weekly Thursday through Sunday Making It With Allie Link Party! I think it would make a Fabulous addition!


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