Sunday, October 24, 2010

Advent Calendar

Yes, it is most definitely October. And yes, I think it's outrageous when Christmas music plays before Remembrance Day (November 11th in Canada). Actually, if I see a HINT of Christmas before December 1st, I get annoyed. Christmas (aside from the Christian/Pagan/Festivus thing) should really be about love, generosity and amazing food.


My boyfriend of over three years, Lars, has decided to pursue an opportunity which would mean that he and I would be living on different continents and eight time zones apart. For at least five years. Though I am not pleased with the circumstances, I am extremely happy for him and at the current moment, we have decided to take advantage of Skype and e-mails and all of the wonderful technology available to us in this age.

Me and Lars

This still means that he won't be home for Christmas. And he will also not have a fixed address to which I can send a present to, at least for now.

And so, while I still had his presence until Friday, I wanted to give him something that he would be able to pack with him and yet enjoy a wicked, love filled present to enjoy while away from friends and family this holiday season. But I had only 2 days to create it.

Mission: Create a small, meaningful, thoughtful, quick to make, personal and awesome Christmas gift in a minimal amount of time.

It's pretty difficult to fulfil all of those requirements. And then I thought: ADVENT CALENDAR.

For the travel-friendly version, this requires a printer, a digital camera, scissors, glue and a pen.

Canon (the printing company) has fabulous envelope templates that were just what I needed. I chose the ones that I wanted from here and printed them 2 per page, so that I would get small mini envelopes. You can make your own envelopes, but I was extremely pressed for time. These ones were great for that! (sorry for the picture here, bad lighting)

After cutting them, I assembled them just by cutting the templates out and using a glue stick. Each template also comes with what looked like seals, so I cut my favourites and glued them on the top flap.

What I ended up with was 25 mini envelopes complete with seals!

Inside each mini envelope, I put a picture of some inside jokes, fond memories, things that he likes and inspirational quotes along with messages of love and support. Then I glued the bottom of the seals to close up the envelopes.

In the end, I bundled them up with parcel string for a quaint take on this advent calendar.

Mission: Accomplished.


  1. The envelopes turned out amazing. It's a really cute idea, and a very thoughtful gift. Nicely done :) Are they numbered/dated or does he get to pick a random one to open each day?

  2. They are in order so on the fronts i just handwrote 'one, two, three, etc..)

  3. Awww! LIKE!

    Katy! That's so cute! So creative, and such a heartfelt gift. I might be an idea thief some day, just so you know!
    Seriously, I love this idea! It's like receiving a letter each day but 1000x more meaningful.


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